Professional Web Design & Development

Have you had a bad experience with "professionals" who charge ridiculous rates and give poor service and support? That's something I vowed not to do when I started professionally developing Web sites over 22 years ago.

Do you want someone behind you who will return a phone call? Would you like for someone to reply to your email? Do you want someone to build your online presence who will just be a decent, honest, up-front person who will treat you like the valuable customer (and human being) that you are?

Nothing frustrates me worse than when I hire someone to do a job and they won't call me back, keep me informed, or when they just don't care.

You are important to me! You have entrusted a job to me and I am responsible to not let you down! Your word to others about me is a reflection of my honesty and integrity. If you're not happy, neither am I!

Now, for the technical stuff...

I provide graphical design, programming, Web development, and database expertise for folks who need a high-quality, professional Web site. I build content management systems (from the ground up, not using pre-made CMSs like Joomla! or WordPress, although I can set up, install and customize those too if you would like) that are database-driven, meaning you (the end user) are able to add and edit content without having to worry about messing anything up! I also build static sites for those who may not need to change their content very often.

My expertise is in using a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) to make your Web site fast, powerful, and secure. I build and administrate my own Web, DNS, FTP, email, and database servers. I do not use shared hosting service providers or resource-consuming control panels. Why is this important? Because my servers are FAST and I know my platform VERY well and I WILL be able to accomplish what you need for your business or organization. I won't just copy a little snippet of code from Google or from an HTML editor (my HTML editor is 'vi' or 'Notepad++' for the aspiring geek!) and call that a Web site. I hand code because it is the BEST way, not the fastest or easiest. At the end of the day, you may not need to know about what makes DNS work, or what the difference is between a mailbox and an alias, or whether you need to use the MyISAM or InnoDB storage engine, or if you need a SSL certificate - but what if you do? You call or email me and I will take care of you.

Are there cheaper solutions than using me? Yep. Are there more expensive solutions? Definitely. I believe in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. I also believe a handshake goes much further than a contract. Why should you give me the privilege of being your Web developer? Because I answer the phone and reply to email - because I am not running from you. I have the solution to your needs when you need it!